Thank God I’m an amateur

It’s Friday. We all need something light to wrap up the week. Not surprisingly, I have something to share from PAB2010 that fits that bill. John Meadows has the ability to be insightful, critical and funny (a very dry sense of humour) at the same time. An...

The debate on ‘niche’

A few weeks ago, Katherine Matthews put up a post in which she decried the use of the term ‘niche’ and how it reflects badly on podcasting (see ding, dong, the niche is dead).  Some raved about her thoughts.  John Meadows suggested her post should form a...

A look back at NOTL2008

Niagara-on-the-Lake is not the first place I’d think of to host a social media event.  John Meadows, Keith Burtis and Bill Deys on the other hand, knew something about the location and timing.  The three of them collaborated to organize the first of what could...

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