Conference Saturdays: When in doubt have cultists attack

Conference Saturdays: When in doubt have cultists attack

It’s time to shake up my Conference Saturdays series. This talk by Julien Smith at PAB2010 is perfect for that.

In less than five minutes, Julien highlights three things digital content creators (and by extension communicators, community-builders and campaign organizers) can learn from Dungeons and Dragons.

NOTE: Profanity alert… if you’re at the office, you may want to wear headphones for this one.

Three sleeps to PAB2012 – the last PAB

There are three more sleeps until PAB2012, the seventh and final PAB conference. Despite its origins and what the letters of the name may suggest to you, the conference is (and in many ways has always been) about creativity, content creation, audience engagement and community building.

One of the main takeaways of the annual conference is the group, or family, photo. Here’s a spread of the the PAB family photos from the first six years. Will you be in the picture this year?






Conference Saturdays: What makes great media resonate

Media that “resonates” attracts and engages audiences. This is particularly important in public affairs. There are countless examples. Recently, the #Kody2012 campaign serves as a macro scale example, and #BeAnOrganDonor on the comparatively micro scale.

In today’s Conference Saturday, Age of Persuasion co-creator and then-writer Mike Tennant examines the role of creative in the modern age of media and how content creators can use creativity to build audiences. His thoughts are very relevant in digital public affairs.

By the way, PAB2012 (this year’s edition of the conference from which Mike’s talk is taken) is taking place June 8-10, 2012 at the National Arts Centre in Ottawa. Register here.

PAB2011 on my mind

Bob and I are starting to put our ideas together for PAB2011. Which probably means I’ll be blogging regularly about it as we gear up for the event.

Here’s a video of Andrea’s JOLT at last year’s conference. It speaks to the importance of the connections we make through our creative projects, the impact of the Internet and how effective a five minute talk can be.

Beyond Words: What makes great media resonate

For the first time in the five year history (so far) of the conference, the 2010 edition of PAB featured a balanced mix of speakers from both in and outside the fishbowl. That’s to say, this year’s program featured about 50 per cent external ideas, observations and energy.

One such speaker was Mike Tennant, co-creator and (now retired) writer of the amazing CBC radio show Age of Persuasion. Using specific examples of radio programs and advertisements throughout history, Mike delivered a keynote which illustrated the role of creative in the modern age of media and how content creators can use creative to build, engage, and motivate audiences.

This video features excerpts of his talk, Beyond Words: What makes great media resonate.

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