Every damn time!

I guess I like smart television. Which is too bad, really. Every damn time (Arrested Development reference, see below) I learn about a great television show worth watching, it’s either just been cancelled or labeled by network executives as ‘too smart for...

Are you kidding? I love the Bluths!

Andrea and I share a special language and elevated understanding of the world thanks to the TV show Arrested Development. Despite the fact it lasted only two-and-a-half seasons. the dialog and context of the show is the gift that keeps on giving. Thankfully, word is...

The effect of new technology on people

In case you haven’t seen it before, there’s a video of a Norwegian comedy troupe skit using the introduction of the book as a way to poke fun at the need for handholding as organizations roll out new technology. I like to use this video in my presentations...
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