It’s hard to believe we’re heading in to the final evening of 2011. It’s been an amazingly full year. In many respects, I’m surprised so much activity filled such a short period of time.

For me, 2011 meant launching my own company, becoming immersed in analysis of digital and social media on politics and public affairs campaigns, becoming a sought-after resource for the media, discovering central Canada¬†on Via’s fabled The Canadian (train), traveling through and around southern Alberta, getting reacquainted with some of our children’s book friends, and more.

And, that’s just a small sample of all of the amazing things I’ve experienced. I’ll leave the more difficult times out of this post.

I could not close out the year without acknowledging a few people I consider important mentors; each of whom offered me honest feedback and advice over the year as I blazed new trails for myself. To be clear, i value all of my relationships and mentors, personal and professional (and there are many). Most of us have a few people who played a more significant role for us in 2011.

Without getting into the details of the role each played or the impact they had on me, I’m privileged to have been given time, insight and/or opportunities by Joe Thornley, Keelan Green, Michael von Herff, Paul Monlezun, Dietwald Claus, John Sparks, Monte Solberg, Dave Johnson, Erin Lannan, Don Martin, Rob Russo, Evan Solomon, Gavin Lumsden and Sandra Blaikie.

Thank you!