Here is a list of tools that I could not function without. While there are several others I use frequently and some that I use for personal projects, these are the tools I use daily or nearly daily and would find hard to do my job without.

Data gathering, analysis, dashboards and social media

  • Hootsuite (online service with mobile app)
    Hootsuite is one of two social media management dashboards I rely on. I use it on my laptop, iPhone and iPad to manage social media properties, communications and relationship building on my personal and professional accounts, and for those of some of my clients.
  • Moz (online service)
    As demand has increased for SEO services, I’ve had to research and invest in tools that provide me with the information I need to make effective decisions. Moz is setting the gold standard for meaningful SEO analysis. I already have a few amazing success stories after only two months with the tool.
  • SocialBro (online service)
    I spend a lot of time researching online activity and participation for clients and for my own research projects. SocialBro specializes in identifying the composition of Twitter communities.
  • SproutSocial (online service)
    You can never have too many social media management dashboards. Neither Hootsuite or Sprout is the perfect solution. They each serve specific roles with their unique strengths and weaknesses. So I use both personally and for clients.
  • Sysomos (online service)
    I can’t live without Sysomos. It’s my online intelligence gathering co-pilot. I use both Heartbeat and MAP for client work and ongoing research every day. I’d be lost without it.

Productivity, collaboration and writing

  • Evernote (online service with desktop and mobile app)
    Evernote has become my cloud-based research scrapbook. Besides storing notes on the site, I scrape relevant web pages and methodically curate my cache of reference material.
  • FreshBooks (online service with mobile app)
    This is the time-tracking and billing tool we use at Full Duplex. It’s missing a few obvious features like retainer management. Otherwise, it’s a great way to manage time and billing.
  • Scrivener (desktop app)
    Scrivener is a non-linear word processing environment, specifically designed for the writers. Since writing TOUCH with Tod, I’ve become increasingly reliant on Scrivener for almost any writing project. I just wish they had their iOS version ready!


  • BossJock Studio (iOS app)
    Dave Mansueto’s BossJock puts an entire podcast production studio and publishing capability at your fingertips, perfect for mobile-based podcasting.
  • Cubase (desktop app)
    Cubase has long been my go-to digital audio workstation. I use it for my hobbies (music and podcasting) and for my various professional podcasts. It’s incredibly powerful and it both encourages both efficient work and creative exploration. If only it came with a few extra hours for each day you use it.
  • Premiere Pro (desktop app)
    For all the video work I do for clients and my own personal projects including digitizing old home movies, Premiere Pro has become my familiar video production workhorse.

IT utilities and security

  • 1Password (OS X and iOS app)
    1Password allows me to create complex, unique passwords for each account I maintain, synchronize my passwords across all of my devices, and access all of my protected accounts with just a few clicks.