Tod Maffin and Maurizio Ortolani at the first Ottawa Podcast Meetup

The first meetup of podcasters in Ottawa took place at the Chateau Laurier Hotel on May 26, 2005.  It was organized by Tod Maffin.  He was traveling across the country on a speaking tour and organized informal gatherings of Canadian podcasters along the way.

I’d largely forgotten about this meeting until a recent series of conversations with UBC student Tracy Fuller who’s doing her thesis on the history of podcasting in Canada.  I was surprised to find three photographs and nearly ninety-minutes of audio on a hard drive I labeled “Archive”.

It turns out the May 26, 2005 gathering of Tod, Maurizio Ortolani and myself might hold historical significance.  In an email exchange last week, Tod wrote “I’m almost certain this would have been the first meetup of Canadian podcasters ever”.

This episode of my Sound Connections podcast features excerpts of the meetup including discussion about the soundseeing tour of my appearance on All in a Day (CBC Ottawa drive-time radio show), some of the podcasts and listening habits of the time, our own podcasting activities, the difference between radio and podcasting, technology and other geekiness, magic moments in podcasting and scoring permission to play some great independent music.  You also get to hear the lounge’s player piano, sometimes too well.

The following podcasts (sorted alphabetically) are mentioned:

Listen to audio of the June 9, 2005 podcast meetup that brought together podcasters from Montreal and Ottawa for the first time.  See a photo of that meetup.