The danger of telling people what you’re reading is they can keep tabs on the rate at which you read. It adds an element of pressure to the reading which should otherwise be a leisure activity, even if the book relates to the work you do.

I started reading Matthew Hindman‘s “The Myth of Digital Democracy” before the election was called and haven’t made any progress since. I’d pushed past the exciting introduction and into the dry material. Just like stats are the seemingly dull backbone of baseball, I’m finding the details to be interesting.

I’ve nothing to report on the book at this time and find myself concerned that I may have to start from the beginning since it’s been about two months since I started. Besides, it will be interesting to compare “#elxn41” to the thesis of the book.

I guess my point is, if you’re interested in digital communications and public affairs or politics (or both), I recommend reading it for an interesting look at digital democracy and how it’s evolved.

This post also serves as a great test of my first use of the iPad app Blogsy which crashes every time I try to add a new tag to a post. As a result, all links and tags were added to this post using WordPress after I published it using Blogsy.