One year ago we enjoyed an incredible week long vacation on Beaver Lake. We had the privilege of using the cottage of a family that had kindly donated its available weeks to Cottage Dreams, a charity called which connects people who have been through cancer treatment with cottages that are vacant for one week periods. It’s simple. It’s genius. It’s mighty invigorating for the recipients and mighty rewarding for the cottage owners. (see Cottage Dreams, Cottage Reality)

Andrea, Lucy, Bayla and I enjoyed a lazy week of eating, sleeping, listening to music, swimming, kayaking, playing cards and reading. We also enjoyed hours of entertainment watching a hummingbird police a very full feeder. Every time an impostor zipped over to the feeder, one hummingbird appeared out of nowhere (well, most of the time we could see where it was sitting sentry) and chased the would-be sugar-water drinker away.

What made this spectacle particularly humourous was there was no way a single hummingbird could possibly consume the contents of the feeder in its lifetime. It was pure greed for the nectar, the sugar high and perhaps even the intoxicating effect the fermented sugars had on the bird that caused it to lord over this abundant resource. It was particularly ironic given the multi-generosity of the cottage owner.

If only that hummingbird knew, he (or she) could have been the life of the party.

Photo: Bye Bye Hummingbirds by Andrea Ross.