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Three years: a more meaningful Thanksgiving

October 6 will forever be the day I reflect on how lucky I am. Three years ago today, my wife sent me a text message that challenged everything I knew about this world.

Two words.

“It’s cancer.”

Our journey to arrive at today it’s well documented on our various blogs (particularly WeCanRebuildHer), Flickr streams, YouTube channels, Facebook profiles and Twitter updates.

Today, we’ll continue to celebrate Andrea’s amazing good health and strength. We’ll continue to appreciate our network of support and remember the people we love whose stories are vastly different from our own.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.


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  • Gregory K.

    Cause for celebration, indeed! I wish I could connect with y’all more frequently than geography allows… and having just come back from this year’s KidLitCon it’s even more clear to me how much a whole community misses having you two as a big part of it. But that’s just us being selfish, cuz I assure you we’re all celebrating with you, too.

  • Dennis “DenVan” VanStaalduinen