Unless otherwise stated, this post looks at Election and debate Twitter traffic for the full day of April 13 (yesterday), only. It does not consider traffic from April 12 or today, though the analyzed traffic does include tweets related to ongoing election issues, parties, candidates and the English debate which took place on the 12th.

Let’s begin with a look at counts for the day:

  • Analyzed election tweets 30,712 (3,640 of which were in French)
  • Debate-related tweets 11,814 (2,263 of which were in French)

While the volume of election tweets exceeds the typical day over the current campaign, the amount of Twitter traffic for the day was lower than the amount of debate related traffic the day before (35,379, representing about 50% of the traffic that day).

Of the debate-related tweets, 53% were fresh content. Amplification was relatively low (37%), likely because people generally contributed observations and commentary about the debate rather than following what was being shared online. This behaviour is consistent with that observed during the English debate. However, participants were much more conversational than the night before as indicated by a 10% reply rate. This suggests the issues discussed resonated more with people participating in the discussion which compelled some to interject with their own thoughts. It might be they were following particular users or issues rather than the complete stream of tweets associated with the debate.

Twitter users publishing content in French contributed more fresh content (56%) than the collective, though less likely to participate in the conversation. Still, their engagement rate (8%) was higher than we observed among all participants in the English language tweet-fest the night before (6%).

Content themes will have to wait for another post. I’m swamped, today.