The buzz on Twitter is not particularly good for Tim Hudak and his Ontario PC party. They’ve broken negative sentiment records for this election after Twitter lit up with outrage over the party’s anti-gay flyer. Using Sysomos, I’ve captured and analyzed 750 such tweets issued in the last 24 hours (1,053 in the last 48 hours). That’s over 15% of daily election tweets and far exceeds outrage expressed during earlier election-related controversies.

This issue is spreading through something I call the amplifier effect. That is, a majority of the Twitter traffic (60%) is retweets (rebroadcasts) of updates published by other people. Only 34% of traffic is “fresh content” on the issue.

This buzzgraph shows how common elements of the online conversation about the flyers are connected. The strength of the relationships between connected elements is indicated by the type of connector. Strong relationships (where mentions occur more frequently) are represented by thick, solid lines. Medium relationships are reflected by thin, solid lines. Weaker relationships (where mentions occur least frequently) are indicated by thin, broken lines.