An editorial in Friday’s edition of The Economist caused a minor ripple on Twitter. From Friday through Sunday, 265 tweets were issued (22 in French) from 235 Twitter accounts.

The Economist piece, Time to flip: The voters may be starting to tire of the prime minister’s bullying, was picked up the National Post and other Canadian news organizations for its criticisms of Prime Minister Harper; criticisms the author suggests are contributing to the increase in support for the NDP.

Tweeters took the opportunity to (primarily) do one of two things:

  • Retweet (rebroadcast) tweets containing the headline and link
  • Promote the article, attaching their own criticisms of the Prime Minister

There were a few tweets which noted the article also acknowledges some of Stephen Harper’s accomplishments. They were largely outpaced by tweeters who focused on the bully thread. Two tweets said “calling that rag ‘The Economist’ is about as accurate as calling #Harper a ‘Progressive Conservative’ #disinformation #cdnpoli.”

Most tweeters (87%) came and left in a single tweet.

Ontario led all provinces with 48% of the traffic, followed by Quebec (18%), BC (16%) and Alberta (12%).

Analysis performed using Marketwire/Sysomos MAP. Analysis based on tweets which contain both Economist and Harper.

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