Jeremiah, Rachel, Chuck and VernTod Maffin‘s email came out earlier today: a last minute social media meet-and-greet with Jeremiah Owyang (formerly of PodTech, soon to be with Forrester) would be held this evening in a Vancouver lounge.

As it turned out, the lounge was booked for a private event. Thankfully, us social media types are very adaptable. We ended up talking about the web and digital toys (like Andrei’s Sony Ericcson phone that scans and reads business cards) at Milestones in Yaletown.

By this time tomorrow night, I’ll have attended three new media/social media events in three nights. What’s particularly nice is that I’ve made new friends (Tatsuya Nakagawa, Rachel Newton, Vern Baker, Chuck LeDuc and Andrei Iancu) that I will have the opportunity to connect with, again, tomorrow night. It was also great to hang out with Derek Miller (not because he was my ride).