Bill C-30 has not been without controversy. The long list of sensationalized touch points have assured it a place in daily social media chatter and news reports for at least a few more weeks. Sparring between con vs. pro Bill C-30 groups has amplified tensions and perhaps even confusion — particularly given the focus on sections 16 and 17 of the Bill, representing only two of 67 sections in the complete Act.

I had the privilege of moderating a panel called Understanding Bill C-30 for iPolitics yesterday. The discussion was interesting, informative and (as I noted at one point) more civil than most Thanksgiving dinners. Tim Smith (Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police), John Lawford (Public Interest Advocacy Centre) and David Elder (Stikeman Elliott LLP) peeled off layers of the onion and offered insight into the good and bad parts of the bill, pointing out areas in which it could be improved. I understand all three panelists will be participating in the committee process.

The full 60 minute video of the panel can be viewed at