I just re-read the blog post in which I made some predictions for 2007 (See: An eye on 2007). It’s amazing how misdirected you can be in just a few paragraphs. It was fun, though, to think ahead and wonder about what would happen. So, to entertain myself on a calm and quiet New Year’s Day, here are my hopes, thoughts and (small p) predictions for 2008.

1) Google will beta an audio-to-text indexing service

This is a carry-over from last year because I still like the idea. Frankly, Google will have to get in to the multimedia indexing game eventually, so why not now?

2) The RIAA will suffer a blow

With all of the victories it has posted, the RIAA is about due to lose some wind in a court of law. Some lucky person or organization will have the right lawyers to successfully defend itself against an RIAA lawsuit and the victory will be significant, diminishing the force we read about in the paper all-too-often.

3) A single social dashboard

A new tool will facilitate the management of all social media accounts (YouTube, Flickr, Twitter, etc…) and individual Internet properties (blogs, websites, etc…) from a single social dashboard.

4) Local communities will take on a greater significance

Conferences became more popular and grew to unprecedented sizes in 2007 – growing communities from the outside-in. In 2008, social and new media practitioners and the curious public will meet more often in local settings. This will strengthen local networks and help to build communities from the inside-out, finally establishing the communities where they belong.

5) 5000 points of connection

Mitch Joel will finally achieve his goal of having 5000 people in the Six Pixels of Separation Facebook group.

6) The Police will record a new studio album

Hey! They weren’t even supposed to reunite.

Whatever 2008 holds in store for us, I wish everyone a very happy and successful year.  I hope to connect with you at a social/new media event.