Mistakes happen. Occassionally they are embarassing. Always, learning opportunities. Sometimes publicly so.

When I woke up this morning to see a few tweets suggesting I may have transposed numbers in my analysis for yesterday’s The intersection of LPCldr Twitter followings, there was no way I getting back to sleep. Thankfully, I tend to keep copies of my data captures for a period of time after conducting my analysis for those out-of-the-ordinary Sunday mornings. Like today.

Let me start by saying I did NOT transpose the numbers. What a relief!

What I did find is the Fake Follower scores generated by the Status People Fake Follower Check tool have changed significantly over the last three days for Justin Trudeau and Martha Hall Findlay. I chalked that up to noticable changes in the number of their followers over the last three days (753 new followers for Mr. Trudeau, 92 for Ms. Murray).

However, I also found the Fake Follower scores for Marc Garneau , Martha Hall Findlay, Deb Coyne and Karen McCrimmon have changed at a rate much higher than the rate of change in their follower numbers.

All of this serves to remind us the Fake Follower Check tool is a fun tool rather than one on which we can rely without a deeper dive into their analysis. This is something I noted in a post I published on August 14. I’m going to see if someone from Status People is available to comment on the discrepancies reported in the following table.


And by way of confirming I didn’t transpose numbers, here are the screen captures of the Fake Follower scores for Justin Trudeau and Joyce Murray as captured on February 28…



And the Fake Follower scores for Justin Trudeau and Joyce Murray as captured this morning…