The Internet has come alive with a wave of voluntary disclosures to Public Safety Minister MP Vic Toews.

The #TellVicEverything movement started yesterday. It’s a humourous pre-emptive strike by Canadians concerned about the warrantless powers made possible by the Government’s proposed “Protecting Children from Internet Predators Act”. The intent is to tweet activities and thoughts, however mundane or ridiculous, to @ToewsVic with the #TellVicEverything hashtag.

So, how much traffic has this movement created?

As of 9:15am today, there have been an estimated 21,325 tweets (note the trend graph at the right was created at 9:15am which explains the sharp dip on February 17th) with a projected 9.8 million impressions. That’s enough highly concentrated Twitter traffic to have pushed the Canadian movement to a global Twitter trend. That inspired people around the globe to get in on the action as well.

Contributions to the conversation include:

  • A few minutes ago I had unclean thoughts about a woman who walked past my window. #TellVicEverything (@gestabrookshfx)
  • Omg  really slept in #TellVicEverything (@melmobarrie)
  • The hold music on this phone call is very soothing. #TellVicEverything (@lewysmith)
  • The babysitter is late any idea? #tellviceverything (@tuxofborg)
  • Bruce Willis was dead the whole movie. #TellVicEverything (@mackin75)


Most of the Tweets have been issued by men (65%).

Most of the Canadian traffic originates from Ontario (47%), British Columbia (17%) and Alberta (12%).

And there’s a decent mix of original content (42%), retweets or rebroadcasts (39%) which I call the amplifier effect, and replies (19%) which reflect conversation.

And for those of you interested in seeing how the conversation maps, this buzzgraph illustrates the most connected terms within #TellVicEverything tweets.

All analysis performed using Sysomos MAP.