Today’s episode of Just One More Book!! features a discussion about a children’s book called The Empty Pot, a Chinese folk tale about an Emperor looking for his successor.  He distributes seeds to all of the children in the land and announces that whoever can grow the most beautiful flower in a year’s time will be selected to be the next Emperor.

Children from around China gathered a year later, each with a beautiful flower.  Only one child, Ping, admits defeat.  Despite all of the effort and care, Ping’s seed never grew.  In fact, none of the seeds were capable of growing since they’d all been cooked before they were distributed.  Though ashamed, Ping was the only one courageous enough to accept the situation as it was.  Even Ping’s friend questioned Ping’s thought process.

“You’re not really going to the Emperor with an empty pot, are you?  Couldn’t you grow a great big flower like mine?”

Of course, Ping’s empty pot earned him the entire kingdom.

How well connected are you to your “empty pot”?