In 2007, Mitch Joel put out a call for a stinger for a regular segment of his Six Pixels of Separation podcast. He claimed he was looking for a Paul Shaffer like R&B piece. I loved the idea and decided to take a crack at hit. I had a bunch of ideas in my head and started with a long-form piece to experiment before cutting it to an appropriate length.

I ended up having a bit too much fun with it. By the time I was done pulling ideas together, the music sounded like a hybrid of Prince and Barry White. So, I woke up early the next morning and embellished my morning voice to do a satirical spoken word track. I made an eight-second version as well; the long one is much more ridiculous and worth a listen.

I’d completely forgotten about it until I stumbled across it on my hard drive this morning. I had a great laugh listening to it and, since I have no shame, I thought I’d share it.

Photo of Mitch Joel and John Wall by Bob Goyetche.