It’s official. I’ll be leading the Zero to Podcasting workshop at the Social Capital Conference, Friday, May 31, 2013 from 1:30-4:30pm.

Here are the details as published on the Social Capital Conference website.


Never underestimate the power of audio to tell a story, spread a message and engage an audience. Better quality audio production technology is now available at cheaper prices. All-in-one podcast production apps are available for your mobile device as well. There’s almost no reason you shouldn’t be publishing audio for the web, or podcasts for RSS distribution.

Mark Blevis will take you from zero-to-podcasting in next-to-no-time. So, bring your ideas, laptop and/or smartphone and/or tablet, and your caffeinated mind for a fun afternoon. The rest is up to you.

Note, Mark only works with Apple tools so he won’t be able to answer PC or Android specific questions. The principles apply for almost all tools, though.


Mark Blevis was among Canada’s earliest podcasters when he launched Electric Sky in March of 2005. Shortly after, he helped bring Canadian podcasters together through a community-based podcast and conference. At one point, he produced five different podcasts. Just One More Book, a children’s book and literacy podcast he co-produced with his wife, became an important part of the children’s book industry marketing mix serving 3,000 downloads each day. He and his wife also produced a podcast covering the process of Andrea’s breast cancer treatment and the decisions their family faced.

Mark continues to produce podcasts for his work in digital public affairs. His interviews with politicians, campaign organizers and communication professionals can be found on his blog,