Andrea and I met at a Christmas party. She was on a date she didn’t want to be on (with someone else) and had brought along her friend Kita to make the evening pass a little more easily.

I was there with my best-friend and then-roommate/bandmate, Robert Farrell — the party being hosted by long-ago roommates of Robert’s whom we’d run into at Carlingwood mall just days before the party. They invited us on the spot, apparently (Robert later pointed out to me) forgetting that the end of their relationship as roommates had not gone well. Time heals all wounds.

This particular Christmas party was one of several Robert and I had been invited to that evening. The number five, as in five parties, comes to mind. I was 25 years-old and sporting the beginnings of a winter beard (I did that kind of thing in those days). As it turns out, guests of this party were dressed much nicer than we’d anticipated, so I felt a bit out of place with my facial hair and ageing green sweater which I’d worn because it was the closest thing I had to Christmas spirit in my clothes dresser.

I was taken by Andrea, yet lacked the confidence to approach her. As it turns out, Robert was taken by Kita and was also not prepared to make an approach. So, Robert and I spent a good portion of our time at the party alone in a music room, stunned to find the relative-unknown Sonny Landreth among the collection of CDs. We listened to his South of I-90 in the hopes of gaining the courage necessary to speak to the two women we’d noticed, going so far as to set a deadline for ourselves.

The 10 minute window came and went. So we made good on our conditions and prepared to leave for the next party.

Kita intercepted us on our way to the door.

That was 15 years ago, tonight!

UPDATE: Andrea has told the story from her perspective (complete with offers details I’d left out) in her blog post Glad I Grabbed That Brownish Area By Its Points. Another great Arrested Development inspired title!

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