Linda Mills and me at PodCamp PhillyLinda Mills is an amazing person. She’s fun, supportive and (perhaps most significantly) persuasive in the best sense of the word. We had a great time hanging out at PodCamp Philly. Among our antics was a Sunday morning excursion on the Drexel University campus and nearby streets to accost innocent people and find out if they have ever heard of or listened to podcasts.

On Saturday afternoon, Linda asked if I would write an article about Just One More Book for Podcast User Magazine. We talked more about it in the evening and I became increasingly interested in the idea. Forty-five minutes later I found myself committing to being a monthly columnist. And, do you know what? It felt good. It felt good because that’s the kind of person Linda is. Like the podcasting situations Linda and I were discussing, it was a defining moment — a phrase which may become the title of the column.

For my first submission, I am working on an article about making the decision to get started as a podcast producer. I’ll be exploring things like picking a subject that the creator is passionate about, developing a format and strategy, and making it all happen.

I am looking for some examples to cite in my article. If you are a non-music, non-techy podcaster and have an interesting story to tell about the genesis of your podcast, please contact me ASAP. My deadline is September 15.

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