I know ‘xxx will be tweeted’ can now be considered a tired old expression. Still, individuals, organizations and governments are constantly charting new ground in social media.

I remember when people mocked social media participants for the mutual-admiration society it had become. Around the same time we saw the trolls emerge. Digital channels began maturing as they became amplifiers of news, and important tools in crisis and emergency communication. Social media has also received credit for their role in advocacy, politics and democracy.

The most recent development is the role of social media in military conflict. Specifically, so it would seem, as a tool of military communication/propaganda/barbs between the Israel and Hamas.

Both sides of the conflict are using a variety of social media outposts to promote their respective stories through rhetoric, written and visual. Among the tools, Twitter is being used to communicate ultimatums and even threats to the enemy. That, by the way, is a violation of Twitter’s terms of service and would land people like you and me with suspended accounts.

Add to the mix that the conflict both on and offline is galvanizing the digital-partisans. It’s an ugly scene. And it’s likely to get uglier.