The latest news reports suggest there is likely to be a service interruption with Canada’s mail system beginning as soon as this Friday.

This is horrible news for Canada Post, an organization already struggling to maintain its relevance. Fax and email impacts notwithstanding, there has been an expansion of superboxes to replace home delivery. Last year I started to receive notices from CRA that they will be moving to a wholly electronic filing, payment and refund system. Interac transfers, Paypal and other online payment services have challenged the need for businesses and individuals to mail cheques.

Fellow business owners have become suddenly motivated to accelerate their transition to electronic invoice distribution and payment processing. Some have received notices from suppliers on how electronic payments should be sent, effective immediately.

Whether or not the service interruption happens, the mere threat means Canada Post has just crashed the timeline for small and medium sized businesses to eliminate their reliance on our national postal system. Which means Canada Post put its core service on trial and is primed to lose. Horribly.