Finance Minister Jim Flaherty will begin unveiling the federal budget in less than an hour. I’ve been following online chatter tagged with #eap13 (the “Economic Action Plan” hashtag) and #bdgt13 (the “non partisan” budget hashtag). Here’s how the issues are stacking up against each other.¬†Analysis was performed using Marketwire/Sysomos¬†Heartbeat.

  1. Economy
  2. Debt/deficit
  3. Taxes
  4. Jobs/employment/skills
  5. Education
  6. Jim Flaherty’s budget shoes
  7. Infrastructure
  8. CIDA
  9. Housing
  10. Poverty

When I include #cdnpoli (the Canadian politics hashtag) the top issues of the day change slightly.

  1. Oil, gas & pipelines
  2. Economy
  3. Jobs/employment/skills
  4. Taxes
  5. Natural resources
  6. Science
  7. CIDA
  8. Debt/deficit
  9. First nations
  10. Environment

I haven’t started any sentiment analysis. Partly because there have been no official announcements of the budget details yet.

UPDATE: I’m not including #budget2013 since many countries are using this hashtag for their own budget tweets.

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