Adhocracy is activism of the ad hoc. It’s not planned or strategized. It happens. And, it has demonstrated results.

That’s the essence of the message delivered by Telecomix agent Peter Fein at this year’s Personal Democracy Forum, #PDF12. It was part of his talk Democracy is Obsolete in which he talked about his own involvement in Arab Spring, and the role of Adhocracy in Syria and as a force which affected laws such as SOPA and ACTA (learn more here).

We have no formal members, we have no leaders, we have no permanent subgroups. We’re all volunteers – we take no money at all, we have no mailing address, there’s nowhere you can send a package. We certainly have no official spokespeople. If Telecomix exists anywhere, it’s in our chat networks and the relationships of the people who participate. We operate on a simple principle: you show up, find collaborators, and just go do.

You can read Mr. Fein’s speech as an op-ed published in TechPresident. Or, you can watch it, below.

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