PhotoByRobertLynchI suppose if I was interested, at all, in being an MP, I’d probably want to be the Sports Minister. It seems like one of those portfolios which confuses the line between political work and personal fun. And, as far as being active online goes, it’s like manna from the heavens.

The content possibilities seem limitless. And the opportunities to showcase people of all ages, all sports abilities, doing what they do is perfect for social media. Not to mention the ease at which you could build an engaged online community.

On this edition of the Digital Public Affairs podcast, Minister of State for Sport, Bal Gosal, on his auspicious beginnings on Twitter, opportunities and opportunities lost on engaging content, and the power of Facebook.

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Photo of me speaking with Minister Gosal courtesy of Robert Lynch, Director of Communications for the Office of the Honourable Minister of State (Sport), Bal Gosal.