Mark | 9:39 AM
#cmottawa Sign your organ donor card. You can save up to eight lives! #broken Thank you @alungstory
Mark | 9:38 AM
#cmottawa @alungstory notes that the donor story is very important. However, getting donor families to speak is difficult. It’s a painful experience for them.
Mark | 9:36 AM
.@alungstory is a fabulous torch bearer.

Mark | 9:35 AM
#cmottawa Get to know @alungstory’s use of online media (video, YouTube, Twitter, FB, IG and more) to effectively and meaningfully raise awareness of organ donation. Her efforts led to the ‘Helene Campbell Effect’ which saw a SIGNIFICANT spike in Canadian organ donor registrations.
Mark | 9:31 AM
#cmottawa @alungstory still wants to study and get into film. She’d be great at using the medium for storytelling and making a difference. #broken
Mark | 9:30 AM
#cmottawa Is someone going to ask @alungstory when she will write a book? #broken
Mark | 9:29 AM
%23cmottawa with Hélène Campbell (@alungstory) speaks on the theme of %23broken
@alungstory Invokes the story of a Brazilian billionaire who staged the burial of his car to make a statement on organ donation.
Mark | 9:26 AM
#cmottawa @alungstory paraphrased Brené Brown: “I am so grateful because to feel this #broken means I am alive.”
Mark | 9:25 AM
#cmottawa Brené Brown tells us that we have to experience being #broken to experience joy. Invokes the “fun” @ottawacitizen weather reports in her presentation — a mad-faced snowman with the headline “Forecast: Bad”
Mark | 9:23 AM
I remember April 6, 2012 when Taber Bucknell emailed that @alungstory was going in to surgery for her double-lung transplant. Earlier that week I had seen a news clip of her getting the Order of Ontario, gasping for breath after each word she spoke.
Mark | 9:20 AM
#cmottawa @alungstory says her idea to get @justinbieber to tweet about organ donation came to her BEFORE he did stupid things.
Mark | 9:19 AM
#cmottawa @alungstory remained positive throughout. Called her oxygen tank her dog (always wanted one) and called her medical support team Air Supply. Her mom called her YouTube (she was draped with oxygen tubes).
Mark | 9:18 AM
Who knew?!

Mark | 9:16 AM
#cmottawa Holy cow! @alungstory showed 2 X-rays comparing healthy 20yo lungs to her 20yo lungs. They were #broken. At one point she went into arrest. Suddenly her plans to move to Vancouver and pursue her dreams were displaced by the need to move to Toronto to wait for a double-lung transplant.
Mark | 9:14 AM
#cmottawa #broken @alungstory During international travels in Scotland, a fellow passenger told her (in a thick Scottish accent) that her cough was not asthma and that she needed a chest x-ray.
Mark | 9:11 AM
#broken @alungstory’s life was 12 hours working at a hospital helping children on dialysis, then working a four hour shift at DQ.
Mark | 9:09 AM
#broken Wanted to make a career of connecting with people. Her goal was to be the next Spielberg.
Mark | 9:08 AM
@alungstory takes the floor. Hélène is a great story teller. Tells us she’s very self-centered (this story is all about her).
Mark | 9:07 AM
Next Creative Mornings Ottawa will be an evening Creative Jam with Adobe. #broken
Mark | 9:04 AM
The lights dim. A hush falls over the crowd. Dell is projected on the wall. The anticipation is killing me.
Mark | 9:03 AM
Ottawa Creative Mornings @ottawa_cm; Hélène Campbell @alungstory. Maker Space North @makerspacenorth.  #broken
Mark | 8:56 AM
The room is filling in.Lecture style chair seating with a perimeter of stacked pallets. Funky setup.
Mark | 8:45 AM
Sitting next to Dianna Ashworth. She’s an event planner. She’s retired at 44, and back to freelance event planning. Very cool! “Best decision I ever made,” she says. Oh.. and she has a great story about her uncle’s liver transplant. Ask her to tell you if you meet her.
Mark | 8:41 AM Creative Mornings Ottawa: Hélène Campbell
Double-lung transplant recipient Hélène Campbell is the guest speaker at Creative Mornings Ottawa today. I’ll be live-blogging her talk. Watch for updates, here.