The most polarized debates in this community erupt at the first mention of “monetizing” Podcasts.

Paul Colligan has recently published some articles entitled The Duality that is Podcasting (part 1, part 2) in which he proposes that there are two types of Podcasters: the Professional is anyone who Podcasts with a goal, direct or indirect, to make money; and, the Hobbyist who Podcasts for the love of it.  Admittedly, the discussion around Paul’s posts is good natured and constructive.

It’s semantics, I suppose, that leads me to dislike using the term “Professional Podcaster” to describe anyone who has made at least $1 from their Podcast(s) – a description that is part of Paul’s discussion. Since there are a lot of Hobbyists who would be upset to be branded as Professional for having scored some pocket change to feed their habit, I suggest that there are two degrees of Hobby Podcasters; the Purists (for love) and the Flexible (have accepted some rations).