The emergence of the @canada Twitter account has stirred up some interest in how the Canadian government is using — or in some views, misusing — social media to communicate with Canada, and how Canada is engaging in digital diplomacy.

Which makes this a fitting time to share a discussion I had with NDP foreign affairs critic Paul Dewar. We spoke six months ago (June 2014) as part of my ongoing series of interviews with MPs.

On this edition of the Digital Public Affairs podcast, MP Paul Dewar on the changing digital landscape, social media as a political candidate, federal politician and candidate for the leadership of the NDP, and opportunities for Canada to use social media for international and diplomatic relations.

By the way… For the last five years, December 1 (today) has become known as Canada’s National Day of Podcasting (CNDOP), an day for Canadian podcasters, current and dormant, to put out fresh content on their feed.

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