Here is the latest in my year-end analysis of social media use by MPs. This installment looks at to what degree MPs have been engaged using Twitter as the frame of reference.

The Speak, Listen, Respond or Repeat infographic illustrates the volume of Twitter activity by party and a breakdown of the style of Twitter usage by party. Interestingly, MPs are not only most active on Twitter, they are more responsive there than other platforms. You read that right. The small share of replies by tweeting MPs is a level of engagement that in many cases dwarfs their reply rate on other platforms (read: Facebook).

As seen in the infographic, volume of activity by parties generally corresponds to the size of the caucus. The exception of the rule appears when considering the Green Party of Canada (GPC) and Bloc Québecois (BQ): The GPC produces seven times as much Twitter traffic from its single MP than the BQ’s nine tweeting members.

The analysis was conducted using Sysomos.

Click on the image to download your copy of the Speak, Listen, Respond or Repeat: Members of Parliament Oct 2015 – Nov 2016 Infographic.

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What is your MP doing online?