In 2013, California Grown produced First Line of Defense (see below). It’s an informative video that explains why the state’s border services scans for pests on produce, vehicles, etc…

From a public affairs point of view, it’s a strong educational outreach piece. However, in today’s terms, its impact will be limited since it takes over three-and-a-half minutes to tease out what travellers should do to prepare for crossing the border into the state.

Attention spans have changed. Communication norms have changed. As necessary as background information is, its appeal is limited to a smaller group of people who want a deeper understanding — they DO exist.

First Line of Contact

What travellers really want are the 3, 5, 7 or 10 things need to do in advance to make their lives easier at the border. They want it clean and concise; a 60 second video and an accompanying infographic they can easily share. More importantly, they want tips they can easily remember.

There is a great opportunity for California Grown to produce fresh content and breathe new life into their existing First Line of Defense video by making it the content at the end of the “click here for more” link.

California Grown can position themselves as looking out for travellers; something along the lines of “California Grown… helping you have a more efficient border crossing.”