My blog has been fairly dormant since the Ontario election was called. I’ve been doing a significant amount of blogging on the election on my company’s blog, If you’re interested, there’s no shortage of detailed analysis of online chatter, trends in participation, use of digital by the four main party leaders, trends in sentiment expressed online about the leaders, and the most-discussed issues. Today’s post by Émilie features an interactive “digital campaign report card” of Ottawa candidates.

I’ll be on CTV Ottawa Morning Live at 7:25am and I’m the host of the digital desk for Rogers Cable 22 election coverage with Sandra Blaikie tonight beginning at 9pm. As part of tonight’s coverage, I’ll be tweeting with viewers using my own Twitter account (@markblevis), the Rogers Cable 22 account (@RogersTV22) and watching for chatter using the #RTV22vote hashtag.

Between the rain, the World Cup and the looming full moon, I expect voter turnout will reach a new low today. Voting only takes about 5 minutes of your day. Please take the time necessary to exercise your democratic right. Whether you’re uncertain or fully committed to voting, I recommend reading the A powerful and hopeful pencil mark blog post by my friend and mentor, Michael von Herff.