Over the last few weeks I have blogged about the defining quality of Podcasts (context is king) and the concept for a Powered by Passion community.  How fitting that the two have come together over the last few days to create yet another concept.

On October 12th, I blogged about a comment Larry Lawfer had made (“from passion to purpose”) during a PodCamp interview and I elaborated on how it was missing the mark on passion by equating purpose with money.  Purpose can be anything the individual values – that was the missing piece of the interview.  Here we have a great example of content in a particular context, and content missing context.  See… it’s all about context!

Larry and I have corresponded about passion, purpose and money and how you can have all three, or any combination thereof.  One of the greatest quotes of our discussion was how Larry explained what I will now call the Equation of Absolute Success.

“Passion is key to any success.  Purpose is also necessary.  Passion without purpose leads nowhere.  Purpose without passion is also a slow death.  Mixing passion with your purpose is what drives all great successes.”

| success | = purpose * passion

So, how does this relate to Powered by Passion?  Powered by Passion acknowledges one of the above groupings and does so because other groupings are already represented with tangible identifiers.

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