130512-CCtweet-Ezra_searchTwo people have retweeted a link to a search for “ezra levant jack layton” on my site and 67 people have clicked the link hoping to find out what I had to say about Ezra Levant that would make me a hack who should “put a sock in it.”

The truth is, until this post, I’ve never written about Ezra Levant let alone Ezra Levant alongside Jack Layton. This means the link returns nothing.

The absence of a valid page for the link has led a few people to ask what I’m hiding that I’ve deleted a post that never existed. That’s what @CanadianCynic wants you to believe. So, I decided to post this so people clicking the link will actually get a search result.

This highlights an important challenge with the web.

People can post anything: information, misinformation and/or disinformation. That’s why it’s important to monitor what people say about you, how those statements are taking hold and what people are doing/looking for on your website.