I’ve been helping Taber Bucknell with various and sundry digital activities for the A Lung Story campaign. Taber is the capable and committed web-and-all-things-social-media master for Hélène Campbell’s online presence. Last night we ran into a problem with Facebook sharing which proved to be more difficult to solve than we had anticipated.

Specifically, we were trying to share a photo from one Fan Page (The New Hot 89.9 page to be exact) to the A Lung Story page. Facebook was showing we’d shared the photo six times and yet it never showed up. It had worked countless times before. Why would it give up now?

We finally fixed the problem by following this convoluted click path from the main Facebook Fan Page:

  1. Edit Page
  2. Manage Permissions
  3. Apps
  4. [Photos] Edit Settings
  5. Additional Permissions (Tab)
  6. [check box] Publish content to my Wall


Happy Facebook Fan Page administration.

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