Would it surprise you to learn that I was positively sniffed out by a Border Services sniffer dog in Toronto’s Pearson Airport? It happened. And I shared the story on my blog. It was a good experience. In fact, I would suggest it was a great experience. It showed how¬†K9 teams recognize the value of great public relations. They don’t waste any opportunity to make people feel comfortable and appreciate their hard work.

I bring this up because someone shared a similar story as a comment to that blog post yesterday. There’s a lot to learn from engagement, outreach, content creation, relationship building and shareable stories.

Here’s the comment left by Joe. You can read my story at this link.

I was returning for a two week vacation with my wife and 5 year old son. My son saw this dog running around the baggage claim at Pearson and went right up to him. I was stressed as I saw the officers coming towards us. When they arrived my son asked his name and if it was Ok to pet him. They then educated us on Cooper’s job with the airport. They even had the dog go around and planted a bag with us. They did it so my son could see what they do. Needless to say my son WANTED to take Cooper home. They also gave my son a trading card with one of the dogs on it with their stats on the back! It was a very good experience. They even said if you are interested in adopting a puppy think about one of these dogs when they retire or one of the dogs who don’t make the cut. I would love to adopt one. Great experience.

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