Top 10 Tweeters

The 10 most-active tweeters contributed 26,253 tweets to the chatter. That’s 3% of the 867,614 tweets. Most of that traffic rose and fell along with the rest of the chatter — just more so. Since January 16, the top 10 contributors have also quieted themselves. A look at traffic up to January 22 reveals some of the members of this group have nearly fallen silent.

While it may be easy to criticize the most active voices, particularly when considering the volume of traffic this particular group created, it’s important to remember that keeping an online movement going is not an easy task; particularly given the ADD nature of the web these days. It means making sure necessary information gets out, that notable contributions are highlighted, that members (particularly new supporters) are given a bit of a spotlight in the hopes of harnessing new energy, responding to perceived misinformation (and perceived disinformation), and selectively addressing criticism.

So, it’s generally good to have a small group of people who are willing to carry that effort. And, it’s good when conducting analysis of the volume of traffic to consider this as extreme data which can skew results in sentiment and actual volume of activity. This is why my sentiment analysis considers only participants who issue a small number of tweets as they are more likely to be members of the public rather than committed members of the movement.


Top 10 Tweets

There’s nothing like star power to help energize an online movement. Celebrities and figureheads definitely helped fan some of the online fire. Even those who didn’t retweet or ‘favorite’ tweets by names such as Naomi Klein, Nelly Furtado and Jian Ghomeshi were no doubt pleased to see their names among those tweeting about and even supporting the movement.

Counts of retweets (RTs) and ‘Favorites’ were collected January 23. The numbers reported to qualify the sequence of the Top 10 most popular tweets may have changed since this post was written which may result in a disconnect between the numbers reported and those appearing in the visual of the embedded tweet.

Number 1: @NaomiAKlein with 1,425 RTs  and 321 Favorites

Number 2: @JustinTrudeau with 1,330 RTs and 271 Favorites

Number 3: @JianGhomeshi with 1,098 RTs and 123 Favorites

Number 4: @JianGhomeshi with 975 RTs and 115 Favorites

Number 5: @NellyFurtado with 896 RTs and 396 Favorites

Number 6: @NellyFurtado with 887 RTs and 377 Favorites

Number 7: @CitizenRadio with 708 RTs and 4 Favorites

Number 8: @IdleNoMore4 with 518 RTs and 100 Favorites

Number 9: @ThomasMulcair with 489 RTs and 94 Favorites

Number 10: @Strombo with 331 RTs and 8 Favorites

Index of my Idle No More at two months analysis series:

I conducted analysis using Marketwire/Sysomos Heartbeat and MAP, and a custom tool I’m having developed which I call Compass.

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