Julien Smith has launched his long awaited Listen to your Kids Podcast. This initiative has only one thing going for it, and that’s all it needs; Listen to your Kids connects the dots — that’s far more powerful than it sounds.

Connected… Listen to your Kids gives children of all ages the platform to, anonymously, say what they would like to say to their own parents and feel that they have been heard; this at a time when many people feel that even their screams go unnoticed by their parents.

Connected… Listen to your Kids is a vehicle for parents who want to make a difference to actually do something about it. I expect, though, that only those who are honest with themselves, and confident and strong, will actually be able to hear what is being said.

Connected… Listen to your Kids allows anyone to understand what children of all ages are struggling with in life.

Connected… Listen to your Kids takes existing technology and makes it easy to use. Call and talk; subscribe and listen.

And to prove its value, Listen to your Kids is absolutely free.