An ambiguous sign on display by the cash registers of Loblaws stores leaves customers guessing whether the five cent cost of each plastic bag is really helping the environment or actually lining the pockets of the massive grocery store chain.

To make matters worse, the cashier I asked about the sign didn’t seem to know where the money went, saying “I sure hope with a sign like that it’s not going to the company’s income statement.”

By asking the cashier about the sign, I inadvertently caused a number of other customers to start questioning the sign and speculating about this apparent environmental initiative. (It was like getting re-Tweeted in real life.)

Before I left the store, I stopped by the customer service counter and asked a manager about the sign. Apparently all profits from the sale of the plastic bags go to the World Wildlife Fund. The two of us spoke about Loblaws missing a perfect opportunity to include this information on the sign thus preventing the obvious speculation. It’s a wasted opportunity to gain some good PR.

You can read more about the campaign in this release on the WWF website.