When promoting your Podcast, the audio promo is your friend. There are many reasons for this. The one reason that is not obvious to new Podcasters is that many Podcasters like to promote other Podcasts during their own show as a way of helping others, and to ensure that they have a variety of content in their show.

Promos are meant to sell a host and Podcast to the listener in the most concise and entertaining way and in the shortest amount of time possible. I find that many promos aren’t well thought out and fail to achieve this goal.

Here is my guide for preparing your Podcast promo.


  • Do… capture the essence of your show.
  • Do… be creative and entertaining – if possible, avoid reciting what your Podcast is about.
  • Do… include your show name and URL – twice if possible (beginning and end).
  • Do… be sure your audio levels are consistent and that every element of the promo can be easily understood.
  • Do… keep it short.


  • Don’t… sell your show as something it is not.
  • Don’t… run background music or constant background audio through the promo, particularly if the background is manic (a lot of people don’t know how to properly mix background audio so that it doesn’t take over the promo; and, if someone wants to use the promo and needs it to fit in a particular time allocation, it makes editing it near impossible without some sort of damage to the audio).
  • Don’t… use copyrighted content that will discourage others from playing your promo.
  • Don’t… use a flat delivery.
  • Don’t… make your promo too temporal (unless your Podcast is event specific).

If you can hit every one of these points and do it in 60 seconds or less, you should be getting paid to make promos.