The conversation about media and social media releases is alive well, and I’ve found myself to be a magnet for that conversation since blogging about it for the first time a few months ago. It’s an conversation I happened into, and one that causes me to think about the roles of these two tools and the relationship between them. The latest public component to this conversation is an interview Fleishman-Hillard colleague David Bradfield and I did with Ian Capstick for MediaShift on (see and hear Social Media Release Must Evolve to Replace Media Release).

Things get confused with the use of audio and video as a feature of the media release. I’ve become aware that many organizations believe that adding audio and video constitutes a social media release because, as it turns out, they believe this offers the media release an interactive component. I disagree. Audio and video enrich the media release and make it easier for news organizations to include the originator in the news coverage without having to squeeze a phone call or site visit into an already tight news cycle.

Basically, we now have three types of media releases:

  • Traditional text-based Media Releases which need to have news value and follow language and style rules (in Canada, that’s typically Canadian Press Style);
  • Enriched Media Releases are Media Releases with audio/visual components which need to have news value and follow Audio News Release (ANR)/video Broadcast News Release (BNR) style rules; and,
  • Social Media Releases which need to have appeal and offer value to the public, and provide a platform through which (and the opportunity for) the public can engage with the publisher of the content.

One of the great things about blogging is, rightly or wrongly, you can develop your thoughts in public. Much like a social media release, it creates a platform and opportunity to engage with others to come to a thoughtful conclusion and help figure out how to explain things well for others. This is yet another distinction between traditional media releases and social media releases which puts opportunity over finished product. Here’s a table I’m working on. I’d appreciate your thoughts on it.

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