If you follow the Canadian Podcast Buffet, you know that Bob Goyetche and I have gone out of our way to prevent discussions of money on the show since it began.  Over the last few months, though, we’ve allowed that topic to trickle in and recently, we promoted what we’ve been calling the Money Episode.  We invited listeners that have made money through their podcasts to contribute the “monetization” models they’ve adopted and their experiences with them.  Speculation was not welcome; we wanted reality, not fantasy.

We recorded the show on Wednesday.  It includes nine comments in all, each one exploring a different approach to making money from social media.  That makes each model proven.  To what degree?  We cannot say since, as Bob pointed out, only one person shared their actual gross revenue.  I will say this, though; none of the models shared was based on CPM (Cost Per Thousand impressions, an approach that pays money based on the number of groupings of one-thousand downloads).

I’m very excited about this show because it really does push the conversation forward and provides an informative destination for the people that (on their first awareness of podcasting) ask the question “how do I make money from it”.  I think that it will be to the money conversation what our September 2006 car episode with Julien Smith was to the Social Networking conversation.

CPB episode 130 will be published at 6:00pmET tomorrow (February 15).