It’s become customary in some social media communities for each of its members to select and share their “three words” of the new year. The three words are intended to frame the individual’s approach to the year ahead, and hopefully help determine a fulfilling outcome.

I made the move from three words to one last year. My argument is that the three words from the previous year still bear relevance. So, rather than introduce three new words to replace the outgoing set, I would augment my three words with a new “primary” word for the new year.

To recap, for 2011 I selected create, connect and learn. For 2012 I added experience. To be certain, 2012 was definitely a year of experience, very much built on creating, connecting and learning. In fact, it was a year of intense experience during which other words such as real and present became incredibly meaningful.

I’d actually considered making ‘real’ my word of 2013. However, it occurred to me that I experienced a lot of ‘real’ in 2012 and there’s a certain connotation to the word which may suggest balancing the weight of the world.

Instead, I’ve decided to make dreams my 2013 word of the year. It may sound a bit too personal and hopeful. To me, it’s more about putting my energy into projects, personal and professional, that have a rewarding outcome; projects I’ve been considering for a long time and haven’t yet kicked off.

To clarify, it’s not entirely about dreams for 2013. The year ahead will be about creating, connecting, learning and experiencing as I invest energy into my personal and professional dreams.

Time to update my Blevis Hierarchy of Development.

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