Full Duplex released a new report on the Idle No More movement. The report aims to provide a balanced and comprehensive (rather than exhaustive) analysis of the first six months of the online components of the movement.

Idle No More at Six Months includes a breakdown of online participation and sentiment in three categories:

  • Low engagement – 1-15 tweets per participant, generally considered to be members of the public with limited interest in the movement;
  • Medium engagement – 16-500 tweets per participant, includes those more actively interested in the movement including supporters, critics, media, labour groups and researchers/analysts; and,
  • High engagement – 501 or more tweets per participant, some of the most passionate supporters of the movement, some media and the ‘robots’.

Using Marketwired/Sysomos Heartbeat and Full Duplex Compass to analyze 1.3 million pieces of content with a particular focus on the 1.2 million tweets and Idle No More website, the report offers insight into the cycle of public opinion, the evolution of discussed themes. It also notes what the movement did well and where it may have missed opportunities to re-energize online activity.

The purpose of the report is more than just to comment on the movement. It’s a look at what civil action movements and governments need to know based on available data. And still, the report only scratches the surface.

The report is available through FullDuplex.ca.

Featured photo: Elizabeth May.

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