I have some juicy updates to my earlier post, The Westin Prince: A case study in incident management (or, mismanagement).

A note was slipped under the door of my room. The letter is made out to “Dear Guest” and offers that they “take great pride in our hotel”. The next paragraph opens with “Please accept our sincerest apologies for the inconvenience during our recent power situation”. WOW!!! They completely missed the point. They failed to apologize for knowingly putting the safety of their staff and guests at risk since they had a similar failure of their emergency power in May, and for having not done anything to prevent a reoccurrence. Once is a mistake. Twice — within four months — is gross negligence. And to fail to acknowledge it?

It gets better. After two long conversations in which hotel managers committed to at least some form of discount to me, management failed to update my account or communicate any arrangements with front desk staff. So, as of this moment, the Westin Prince hotel has failed to honour any of its own commitments to me and has made me pay full price for my stay.

I took my concerns to Westin’s head office this morning. After several hours they, too, were unable to make contact with management of the Westin Prince hotel. As a result, they informed me that they have had to escalate to the General Manager of the hotel.

It sounds like the Westin Prince hotel’s problems run deeper than just taking a gamble on the need for working emergency systems.

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