CC ChapmanFor the first time ever, I arrived at an airport to a car service holding my name on a card — a great greeting from CC Chapman and Whitney Hoffman.

We sat down in an airport restaurant and caught up for a while, waiting for some other flights to come in. That’s when I found out that CC has left Crayon and will make the move to freelancing.

Forty minutes later, Chris Penn and Steve Garfield arrived. With that, PodCamp Philly kicked off in the middle of the airport. The first session took place in Whitney’s van as CC highlighted the features of his new Zoom H2 and Steve introduced me to the iPhone. Then Chris talked TubeTV and continued at Whitney’s house with a demonstration of Blue Sky Factory.

As it turns out, Chris Brogan won’t be here this weekend. I think there’s an agreement among us that we will photoshop him into some pictures and blog about his crazy antics.

Click here to see PodCamp Philly photos on Flickr.

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