The Ottawa City Journal published an article written by David May about me in today’s Urban Living section (page 13) — thanks, David! While he did a great job of receiving the flood of information that came at him (watch out when I’m excited about something), some of the information was confused in the final article.

Dave and I corresponded earlier this evening and he is aware of the errors. In the spirit of Web 2.0, I am publishing the corrections here.

  • Podcasters Across Borders was the first large-scale Podcast conference in Canada, not the first-ever Podcast conference in North America. I haven’t done any research to determine if PAB was the first Podcast conference in Canada. (Given my recent series of posts on the topic, it’s ironic that I was misunderstood on the matter of ‘firsts’.)
  • While I do organize Podcaster meetups in Ottawa, I haven’t done so on a monthly basis. (I know… slacker!)
  • Andrea’s comment that there “wasn’t anything that I knew of that was an online community promoting children’s books” was specifically about Podcasting, not about the blogosphere or web in general.

A less-critical correction, and completely forgiveable confusion… the thirty-minute documentary that I produced from nine hours of audio (Making All In A Day) follows the production of a single edition of CBC’s All In A Day (Brent Bambury era). The Podcast of my appearance (and anxiety) as a guest of that same show was the subject of an earlier episode of Electric Sky (Soundseeing tour of my appearance on CBC radio). It was the latter that Tod Maffin promoted on his blog.

I believe that David has a plan to run regular features on Ottawa-area Podcasters. I’ll be sure to blog about it if I hear anything.

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