A few weeks ago, Julien Smith made a post called Podcasting’s 10 most under rated. I am flattered to have made the list, particulary given the company.

After posting the list, Julien sent an email to his top 10 to challenge us to do the same. I have decided to take Julien up on his challenge. In an effort to increase the drama, I will present each of my top 10 in individual posts, in no particular order. This post is the first in the series and my selection has nothing to do with Julien’s list.

Scarborough Dude has been a favourite of mine since our brief meeting at a Podcast meetup in Montreal piqued my interest in his show, DicksnJanes. On my first listen, Scarborough Dude struck a chord with me (since you recently mentioned chords Dude, see the bottom of this post). This man from “Scarberia” has a unique and engaging style clearly rooted in honesty and sincerity. He isn’t afraid to share his many moods with his audience — a reflection of real life and its many ups and downs. Scarborough Dude comes across as being human and that reminds me that it’s okay to be human myself.

DicksnJanes is all about atmosphere — a combination of real life and everything that radio once prided itself on: great storytelling, personal explorations, pop culture, sharing of worldly and unworldly experiences, and the company of a genuine friend.

chord /kawrd/
1. a feeling or emotion: His story struck a chord of pity in the listeners.
2. a combination of usually three or more musical tones sounded simultaneously.