A couple of quick points I thought I’d add to this…

The “A Bear in War” documentary program will be published at 1:00am, Monday, November 10, 2008.  That means the total time I have to work on the project from once I hit record is about 32 hours.  So far, my time investment so far has been as follows:

  • Advanced Research: 90 minutes
  • Recording: 180 minutes (accounts for the entire time I was at the museum)
  • Step One (gather and label material): 10 minutes
  • Step Two (listen to and edit audio, iteration one): 100 minutes
  • Step Three (look for candidate themes and plots): 30 minutes
  • Step Four (select keepers…, iteration two): 15 minutes
  • Writing first draft of the opening narrative while lying in bed: 15 minutes
  • Blogging my workflow: 40 minutes

All of the recording equipment I needed for the event, along with some extra cables and batteries, a camera and a paper-based notebook fit in a single hardshell case which I was able to carry with me as I walked to and from the War Museum (roughly 40 minutes each way, not counted in my time above) to record the event.